How to Determine If Marriage is For You

How to Determine If Marriage is For You

MEN, here is a small list of things to think about before getting married.
This list should help you determine if marriage is for you.

Proposing to your future wife with a gorgeous ring is the easy part. But then it gets complicated. After the bachelor party, and the very nice wedding suit, some men miss the memo on what marriage really is about. So we jotted down a few great pointers on how to avoid turning into a horrible husband.

The Trust Factor: Trust is a very important factor in your marriage. If you want your wife to trust you, start proving that you can be trusted. Actions always speak louder than words. Cheating on your spouse begins in your heart. Stop it there before you act it out. Leave the games for 30 Seconds sessions with your friends.

Love Wholeheartedly: Love your wife as Christ loved the church. Give yourself up for her. Love her as you love your own body.

Hide and Seek: Do not hide or run away when you are faced with huge problems. Do not leave the wife facing the problems all by herself. Face them together to thicken your bond.

Have healthy, encouraging male friendships: No more hanging out with guys who badmouth and disrespect their wives. Rather be around friends who love their wives and can encourage you to be a better husband.

Single-Minded: Acting or behaving like you are single while you are married is not on. Marriages begin to breakdown when spouses think and behave like they are single. Honor your vows and honor our wife.
♦ Treat her right: Keep courting your wife and continue to praise her. Keep pursuing her, thereby making her feel special like you did before you married her.
♦ Green does not look good on you: Jealousy is not romantic. Being possessive and jealous of your wife will only break down the love you have created.

Jou Mama: Your wife should be the queen of your heart, and the queen of your household. Don not make her second fiddle to your mama. Yes your mama makes great food and does wonders, but if you leave your mom out of the picture, you will start noticing how great your wife does things.

Back to The Future: Leave the past to be in the past. Do not befriend your exes, old flames, past flings, former crushes or anyone you have been intimate with. Move on to the future with your wife and only your wife as your lover.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall: Do not compare your wife to other women. There is a reason you married your wife. So love her for who she is and what she has to offer. Other women may seem like the perfect package, but remember they are also someone else’s ex.

Role Play: Know your role as a man. Spoil your woman. She may earn an income but it does not mean you must stop doing the things that make her smile. Be the man, and treat her with flowers or something special. Every women loves to be spoil.

Support Structure: Consider her emotions, be that support structure in time of need and any other day. Listen to her problems, listen to her talking about her daily routine. Listen to her complaints about work, the people she dealt with etc. Instead of telling her to keep quiet and stop whining, join the conversation. You might let off some steam in the process also.

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